I was often ask where to find information about what I lecture in English language. After returning from RootsTech 2016 in Salt Lake City I start this special section of my blog to give you more information how I can be – hopefully – supportive for you.

1. Lecturing, Keynotes, Talks

In more than three decades of family history and genealogical research I have quite an expertise that I can present to those who are interested to hear. It is „Genealogy from the German Point of View“. I can give you the perspective to learn more about Germany and how genealogy is organized here.

Lecturing (picture Richard Hamson)

Lecturing (picture Richard Hamson)

You can invite me for lecturing, giving keynote speeches and talks. Just get in contact via .

Here you can find some lectures I give:

01) Understanding Germany, Yesterday and Today (History, Politics, Culture)

02) The structures of the organized genealogy in Germany

03) Primar and secondary sources on genealogy in Germany

04) Archives, libraries and institutions for genealogical researchers in Germany

05) Research trip activities and examples in the ancestral home village

06) Surnames can lead you through history

07) Which questions to ask to best further your research

08) Introduction to heraldry and coats of arms

09) The International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) and its perspectives

10) Special topic: Plan your legacy

11) Special topic: Worldwide surname research

12) Special topic: Genealogical research in the Harz mountains

13) Special topic: Germans worldwide

If you are interested in more topics just get in contact with me. For special events I also give keynote speeches and talks.

2. Supporting and promoting GAGP/now IGGP

In 2015 the Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft genealogischer Verbände (DAGV) and our dear colleagues at the Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) in Minnesota have formed the German-American Genealogical Partnership (GAGP) (siehe I will support and promote this wonderful project to bring together Germanic researchers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. GAGP is growing – and celebrating e.g. the Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS) as biggest partner society. GAGP has already developed to the International German Genealogy Partnership (IGGP) and we had our very first International Germanic Genealogy Conference (IGGC) end of July 2017. The next conference will follow in 2019 in Sacramento!

Die Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS) feiert die GAGP (Foto: Richad Hamson)

The Sacramento German Genealogy Society (SGGS) celebrates GAGP (picture: Richad Hamson)

3. Consulting

Many Americans want to find their German ancestors and relatives. I can help you in planing the visit of ancestral homes additional to your private travel plans. I can advice you in organizing family reunions and projects to share and to make others interested in family history. I can also help you in making contacts to societies, institutions and media in Germany.

Questions & answers (picture: Richard Hamson)

Questions & answers (picture: Richard Hamson)

I can help you in starting surname research on detailed and concrete examples. Please understand that I do not do any genealogical research but I can get you in contact with experts in the DAGV societies or professional genealogists.

For more information just get in contact via .

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